Buying a property is a time to be excited.

Don’t waste it looking for a loan.

Contact NRG Financial Services today and let us help you find the home loan suitable for you.

As your hardworking mortgage broker in Sydney, it’s on us to find you the right home loan tailored to your own financial needs. Whether you’re a first home buyer or first time investor, no one bank or lender will provide you with home loan options outside of their own Products. They have a vested interest in signing you up to one of their home loans, without comparing it to others.

Your Sydney mortgage broker at NRG Financial Services works through over 300 products and 40 lenders to give you home loan options you can choose from that are the right fit.

Applying for a home loan can be tough and time consuming even at the best of times. NRG Financial Services takes away the burden of getting bogged down in the loan application process, like lodging all documentation and liaising with lenders, so you don’t have to. We’re with you right from the start and through to the settlement date of your new property.

Managing your money should be easy.

For more information on how NRG can assist you to invest in property and secure your future feel free to download and read some of our information packs.

Why Choose Us!

  • We’ll meet at a place and time that suits you.
  • We do the legwork
  • You’ll get a choice of different lenders.
  • You’ll have more options.

We do the hard work.

We consider a range of options for you. Using our understanding and knowledge of the current market, we look at different loans and quickly narrow it down to the ones that suit your specific needs helping you an informed choice.

And we help with the whole process.

We don’t stop at just finding the finance. We’ll help complete the paperwork, manage the application process and follow it through to approval. Leaving you time to get excited about your new home.

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